Monthly Package Commitments

These are the two package commitments that I offer to clients who are looking to seriously deepen their knowledge of themselves with astrology. When we meet in the 12 recorded sessions over Zoom, I will be available for any topic you want to pursue in your life in terms of self-development and self-empowerment. These sessions are focused primarily on your energetic process as well as astrological. My focus is on giving you the most applicable tools possible to create the life you most desire, which is the one you most deserve (if you’re willing to do the internal work). <3

Here are some of the benefits of booking with me along with a testimonial, of which you can find more on my website at

Benefits of working with Stephen:
1) Provides a vast and comprehensive insight on your personal life and relationships
2) Expands your awareness of yourself and your power as a co-creator
3) Improves your understanding of yourself and partner in your communication skills
4) Greater understanding of your raw, creative energy at the elemental level
5) The one-on-one or one-on-two approach (for relationships) provides the presence and attention that facilitates growth

“Stephen brings seriously legit spiritual knowledge, understanding and wisdom to his intuitive work. His session with me revealed insights that I had never even come close to knowing before. There was also a n immensely helpful energy boost that has assisted me in my transformation. Life has a whole new level of clarity, joy, flow and synchronicity now.”
~ Michele Caron, Founder of

~Stephen Hubbell, Relationship Astrologer


Stephen Hubbell
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Stephen Hubbell

Star Coach at Star Coaching
Stephen Hubbell is a Star Coach who specializes in using astrology, energy medicine, and embodiment practices to assist others.He is also a Polarity Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Musician, which give him various types of modalities to incorporate in his sessions.He specializes in using astrological information and energy work to re-establish awareness within all the different layers of the Soul and human being.The way he does this is by looking at the Being and any potential blockages or ailments from many different viewpoints, i.e. energetically, astrologically, mentally, physically, and spiritually.It is his passion to work with people in a way that helps free us of these blockages and increase expansion of our awareness.
Stephen Hubbell
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