Guitar Lessons!!!!


$75/half hour and $150/hour with sliding scale for those who cannot afford it

from Stephen Hubbell

Hello!  For those who are looking for guitar lessons, I am currently offering them to beginning and medium level players.  If you have a song, solo, riff, or really just want to learn the basics to playing the guitar and music theory, I can help you with this.  I learned guitar primarily by listening to songs and learning to play them note-for-note.  So if you are interested in learning how to do this, feel free to contact me either online or by phone.

You can find my Facebook messenger at

My email address:

Phone number: 760-419-5267



I look forward to hearing from you! 💜


Stephen Hubbell
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Stephen Hubbell

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Stephen Hubbell is a Star Coach who specializes in using astrology, energy medicine, and embodiment practices to assist others.He is also a Polarity Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Musician, which give him various types of modalities to incorporate in his sessions.He specializes in using astrological information and energy work to re-establish awareness within all the different layers of the Soul and human being.The way he does this is by looking at the Being and any potential blockages or ailments from many different viewpoints, i.e. energetically, astrologically, mentally, physically, and spiritually.It is his passion to work with people in a way that helps free us of these blockages and increase expansion of our awareness.
Stephen Hubbell
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