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Sun Signs and Houses

When most people consider astrology, they look at the date that they were born, find out what sign their sun was placed in, and then they discover they are “this sign,” and that’s about as far as most people go with astrology.  It’s the first thing I ask people who are interested in their astrology, too.  “When is your birth date?” Then, most people walk away with the understanding that they have that sun sign, perhaps not knowing much about what it means for them and not really sure if they totally resonate with just their sun sign.

Well, if you don’t resonate with your sun sign, let me assure you that there is so much more to you and your natal chart than your sun sign!  In this article, I’ll talk more about how the house of your sun also matters.  For those who don’t know anything about the houses, this is what they are:

The houses are the area of your life in which the astral body (sun, moon, planets, or asteroids) expresses itself.  Sun signs, although common, are really only about 1/22, approximately 4.55% while rounding up the decimal, of your natal chart, and that’s not even including asteroids like Chiron.  Although it’s convenient to say, “Oh yeah, I’m a Taurine,” the truth is so much more vast about us than just our sun sign or even our natal chart in its totality (but that’s for a different conversation).










Let’s give ourselves a clearer example of the houses.  Since the houses are, as I said, the area in which the astral body expresses itself, let’s use my sun sign and house as an example (it’s the closest example to me hi).  At the date, time, and location of my birth, the sun was in the sign of Scorpio in the seventh house, which is the house associated with Libra (each house is associated with a sign, too, and they all go in order from 1 to 12 from Aries to Pisces, respectively and in that order).  The seventh house, like Libra, is the house of relationships, balance, and fairness.  Scorpio is associated with transformation, desire, and that which is hidden.  Thus, my sun’s energy is Scorpionic and expresses through the house of relationships, etc.

Here’s the really wild part: you have a sign and house for every one of the planets, moon, and asteroids in your chart as well as your sun sign!  That’s a lot of information about you to be found in your natal chart!  The other thing I want to mention in this blog post is that your houses are determined by your time and location of birth, so those are required in order to find out your houses, as well as your rising sign, which determines the placement of your houses.

If you are interested in finding out more about your sun sign and houses and receiving a natal chart reading, just check out the description about me below this post or go to the home page of my website.  I work with all kinds of customized approaches to the chart and available for a free consultation, considering you are seriously interested in a session or reading.  Thanks for reading this, and please leave any comments or feedback you have for me!

Lunar and Solar Eclipse This Month of August, 2017!

There are two eclipses this month, which should be invoking some pretty powerful energetics for this month of August.

The lunar one is on Aug 7th in Aquarius, and the solar one is on Aug 21st in Leo.

This month is quite a heart-expanding month as it mainly takes place during the season of the sun being in Leo.

With the sun in Leo and north node in Leo, we tap into the fixed fire nature that is our beating hearts fire-powered by our golden and purring solar plexuses.

The unique part about the eclipses taking place this month is that they will both be highlighting the current positionings of the North and South Node placements.

Translation? A lot of big life purpose energy for us collectively, cosmically, and personally will be flooded into our field of awareness as long as we are open and willing to receive it.

The lunar eclipse will occur in the cosmic humanitarian Aquarius on August 7th.

This is during a full moon, so it is very probable that collective shadow issues will be brought to forefront in favor of using them for a cosmic purpose.

Resolution is on the horizon with a placement like this, as long as we are willing to cooperate with our independent Spirits and find a way to unify our mindset and vibration with the highest good for everyone.

The next eclipse will be a solar one and take place in Leo, the lion heart and the sun. This tends to really bring us into our hearts with our purpose more, having a real life grounding effect in regards to our intimate personalities.

The solar eclipse may very probably bring up soul issues and areas of our hearts that have yet to be reclaimed by us in love and integrated into our wholeness, strength and innocence.

Because of the South Node and North Node placement of the nodal axis, the larger-than-the-cosmos nature of Spirit will be emerging more and more through our hearts in order to share that light through us into the world.

This is a wonderful opportunity to simply let your greatest Source flow through you in being your brightest Self that you came here to be!

The Grand Finale of Saturn in Sagittarius!

Underneath the energy of the perfectionist is the wild creativeness of the child’s spirit that really wants to play.

Ever since Saturn has been making his transit through Sagittarius, starting on December 23rd, 2014 from the fixed water sign Scorpio, we have been looking at how we can illuminate our collective unconscious in regards to the child spirit, i.e. our joy, light, collective optimism, love, and our true authentic nature shining through all the issues we have yet to confront in our psyche.

This means looking at all the ways that the excessive traits of Sagittarius have been running the show (over-assertiveness, under-assertiveness, freedom-seeking via escapism, aggressiveness, and most importantly, the way in the inner child within us still runs the show).  Saturn shows us where we are being overrun by perfectionism energy as well, i.e. the way that the adult within us still runs the show.

It’s really important that, during this time, we question ourselves and how aligned we are with our hearts, our Source, our true authenticity in every moment, as the common ground between the child and the adult, meeting in the heart.

Half-assing or even 99%-assing our expression hasn’t worked at all for this transit because Sagittarius wants us to wake up to who we are and “get real!”

That means letting all those old structures and paradigms that aren’t in alignment with our true expression crumble.

The reason it’s painful is because we often resist this process.

If we have distanced ourselves from Truth for so long, then coming back to Truth often involves a process of looking at all of our defenses to it.

This process has nothing to do with a set way of thinking, a book, or anything outside of us.

It has everything to do with living the only authentic expression of ourselves.

This could be called a growth process, but to be more accurate, it is a remembering process.

We are simply returning to our natural state of being.

Remember that this is still a slow and tedious process, as all things are with Saturn, lasting 2.5 years in each sign, and that Saturn goes direct on August 25, 2017, still in Sagittarius.

Saturn goes into Capricorn on December 19, 2017, the end of this year in about 4 1/2 months, so it is at the end of this year that we will experience a whole new remembering experience in the great curriculum of life.

Stay tuned to hear more about Saturn’s transits, and enjoy the gradual life lessons and experience from Saturn!

The True North on the Heart of the Lion

 On May 10th, 2017, the North Node and South Node of the moon shifted into a new axis in our zodiacal wheel, and this position will remain until November 6th, 2018.  So for about a year and a half, we will have a whole new energy driving our collective to greater purpose in the realms of these two signs.  Let’s take a look at how we may be feeling affected by this transit and how it’s different from the last transit.

For the previous year and a half, we have collectively been experience the effects of the North Node of the moon in Virgo with the South Node in Pisces.  To briefly explain what the nodes do, I will say that the South Node is our Karmic past, the familiar and sometimes overly comfortable territory, which in many cases can be both our greatest, most reliable gift as well as our greatest detriment (because it works in excess in us).  Thus, the Pisces/Virgo placement of the nodes was inspiring us to become more in-tune with energy sensitivity (Pisces) in order to help us to become more practical and organized about our lives (Virgo).

This new placement is different in that the South Node is now in Aquarius, the natural humanitarian of the zodiac.  Think of Aquarius like the collective mind, aware of everyone’s thoughts and feelings simply by being the all-permeating observer awareness within all sentient beings.  Leo, meanwhile, is the heart.  Leo is both the collective heart and the personal individual heart and sense of confidence, courage, and well-being.  When the North Node is in Leo, we start to feel an expansive energy in the area of Leo’s domain, i.e. health, wealth, well-being, and our general sense of heart, centeredness, courage, protection, family, etc.  Aquarius is coming more from the mind-based observer perspective, while Leo is more of the heart and general sense of well-being as a person.

Since it is the South Node that is in Aquarius, we are working with looking at ways in which our minds may be running the show in excess, overly compensating for our glorious hearts.  This excess would cloud the vision of the heart in its detriment.  On the other hand, when the heart and mind are in balance, the heart can lead while the mind simply follows it.

The main goal of this new nodal energy is to let the mind be placed in observer mode, being fully aware of all information in thoughts, energies, actions, etc. while STILL letting the HEART LEAD.  You may notice a new type of integration in this area, where your heart is leading and still honoring the mind as a faithful servant.  Ideally, this would be the case, but it take some practice to get the feel for it if we’ve been out of our center up unto this point.  The idea is to keep yourself always moving from your center, from your heart and love and to never betray your heart over to the mind, which again, can be faithful as long as the heart is leading but can otherwise be quite tyrannous and abusive without love.

Find your center within and overcome things that require greater presence from you.  The world wants your full heart engaged with it, pouring love out into whatever it is that you are doing.  This is how we heal the world in which we live and interact.

And as always remember as A Course In Miracles says, ” Only what you have not given can be lacking in any situation.”

So just remember to keep your heart in the lead and let that lion heart prevail in all that you are and do, and you’ll be seeing fireworks go off in your world that defeat all the odds for what you thought was possible.

Remember to take lots of cat naps, too.  The big-hearted lions love their play as much as they love their sleep, and for this nodal transit, we’ll all get more of a sense of being the Grand Lions that we are.


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Daily Transit – Taurus Sun and Scorpio Full Moon at 100%

Sun and Mercury in Taurus

Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries
Neptune and Chiron in Pisces

Pluto, retrograde, in Capricorn

Saturn, retrograde, and Mars, retrograde, in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Scorpio
True Lilith in Libra
Jupiter and True North Node in Virgo

We’re being flooded with Taurine light waves.
Getting grounded into the fixed earth.
Grounded into the heart.
Communication of Mercury in grounded earth.
And full moon in Scorpio.

You can Have your Desire,
But don’t let it control you.
Its destructive tendencies can be harmful in its raw state
But when transformed from its powerful and energetic raw state,
Is amazingly beneficial through the Heart.

If you come through the perspective of Knowledge –
That you Always Have all your Needs met,
Then desire becomes a game
That you can partake in
And take seriously or not.

On this Full Moon day,
Try feeling into your Neck and Root.
Feel both and all of the possibilities it allows.
This will be integrating during this Full Moon time.
You’re not in control of Life, but you Have everything you need to Influence your World.
And that’s more than enough. heart

Scorpio Phoenix, fixed water, transforming and rising into the light of higher consciousness in the heart with the Taurus, fixed earth, neck holding it.

T-18.VII.6.7-8 “I need do nothing” is a statement of allegiance, a truly undivided loyalty.  Believe it for just one instant, and you will accomplish more than is given to a century of contemplation, or of struggle against temptation.