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Last Month of Saturn in Sagittarius – Kicking Our Asses into Freedom and Sovereignty







Anyone who knows about what the planet Saturn represents knows that the process he puts us through isn’t always all that pleasant.  However, Saturn teaches about sowing and reaping rewards through patience, diligence, and applied knowledge into action.  Saturn is the father of time and teaches us how to use our time wisely for this temporal experience of life on earth.

As the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius wraps up, we have approximately a month and a half left until Saturn enters the sign of Capricorn.  This transit has been, as the title says, about kicking our asses into our own freedom and sovereignty.  The next transit will be a much more comfortable placement for Saturn, as Capricorn is naturally governed by Saturn.  This mutable fire sign of Sagittarius isn’t necessarily Saturn’s favorite, and for that reason many of us collectively are feeling the rub.








Sagittarius has set our vision high, and Saturn is in this sign to make sure we follow through on it, no matter how uncomfortable it be.  It really forces us to hold to that highest standard that we can set for ourselves, and it’s almost unbearable at times to see how much the body and our human selves are forced to catch up in order to live in integrity with the highest ideal that we hold for ourselves.  This is a challenging transit, so if you have been struggling within it for the last 2.5 years, don’t be dismayed.  It’s just Saturn forcing us to grow into our Big Selves, our Truly Divine Selves embodied.







Let us also remember what Saturn and Sagittarius share in common despite their obvious differences (Sagittarius loves freedom and expansion, and Saturn loves precision, accuracy, and contraction).  Their similarities are that they both can be quite stringent and uncompromising.  Both Saturn and Sagittarius know how to set a goal and achieve it, even though Saturn tends to be the stricter one of the two.  Also, they’re both incredibly precise.  They both want use to make the best use of the tools that we’re given, and even though Saturn’s precision is more mechanical while Sagittarius’s is more freedom-loving, they both do share this trait in common.  I’m trying to think of more that they share with each other, but really this is about it.  Saturn and Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius are two of the biggest planets in our solar system), so it’s no wonder that we’re feeling this transit and all its friction.  The two energies are meant to work together, from the mechanics and application to the expansion and freedom.  That doesn’t mean it’s an easy process to blend the two.

Worry not if this transit has been difficult because in a month and a half Saturn will return to his natural position in Capricorn and start to feel more comfortable.  If Saturn is comfy, odds are that we’re all going to start feeling more comfortable, too.  So hold out if you’re struggling.  Saturn is teaching us integrity and growth through discomfort, but soon enough he will enter his own sign, and that friction will start to relax a bit.  This isn’t to say that Saturn won’t challenge us to grow; it just won’t feel as dissonant as it is now toward the end of this transit.

Blessings and thanks for reading.heart

Leo North Node/Aquarius South Node Transit


Heart fixation leading us out of mental fixation is what this transit is really triggering.  See, the heart and brain both have their place, but since the heart resides in the center of our electromagnetic field, it’s the heart that controls our primary state of being in our bodies and energies.  In order to really change ourselves, we can’t just change our minds, we have to be renewed through our hearts, which can often feel like giving the steering wheel of a car to a toddler, i.e. really, really unsafe.

Although I’m not suggesting intentionally putting oneself in harm’s way, I am suggesting that we let our heart take the wheel on our lives more often.  This inherently involves RISK.  Why?  Because the heart is often stifled in our culture.  If you haven’t noticed, not all humans are really living from their hearts, and we’re not in touch with the Earth, our solar system’s heart, as a majority of the population.  This reflects in our actual living and breathing hearts.

There is so much focus on the external, in the mind, in how things look and in what our mind says that oftentimes our culture and programming that we’ve received in our upbringing alienates us so much away from our hearts.  This dissociation, this lack of trust, definitely involves some obstacles when we’re on the spiritual path trying to go back and make amends with our hearts.  This is usually a really scary process, but it’s the only way to truly come home to ourselves, despite what we may have been taught by those who have influenced while not being in tune with their hearts.












The first key is to start unravelling the stories we have built up around our hearts with compressed emotion within them.  We must unwind and unravel these stories and start to ask our hearts, “What do YOU want to do to feel most honored in this moment?” And then really listen to the answer and let the heart speak through your expression the best that you can.  This is not always easy, and sometimes it’s a huge relief to let the heart express after years of being in lockdown mode by the mind’s need for its own sense of safety and certainty.

The ironic thing is that the mind really has no certainty.  The brain just makes up fantastic stories and ideas that it clings to like rocks blockading the heart’s expression and muddles the heart signal.  Depending on the severity of your mind’s clinging, this will take various amounts of effort and work to flush all that garbage out.  We say, “thank you very much, brain/mind, for protecting us all this time from feeling and from having our survival threatened, but your time of owning power of our hearts and feelings and holding us in captivity is over.” The time of the heart is NOW.

Just ask yourself the question to your heart, “How do you feel, what would help you, what you like to do in this moment?”  The heart will start to respond the more it feels that it can trust you.  It’s all about forming a relationship and keeping that connection with the heart in-tact.  It is, after all, the holder of You, your Soul, and your center of your being.  You can learn to trust it over time and erode those mental structures that haven’t been serving.

Give it try – what does your heart want you to hear in this moment?

Sun Signs and Houses

When most people consider astrology, they look at the date that they were born, find out what sign their sun was placed in, and then they discover they are “this sign,” and that’s about as far as most people go with astrology.  It’s the first thing I ask people who are interested in their astrology, too.  “When is your birth date?” Then, most people walk away with the understanding that they have that sun sign, perhaps not knowing much about what it means for them and not really sure if they totally resonate with just their sun sign.

Well, if you don’t resonate with your sun sign, let me assure you that there is so much more to you and your natal chart than your sun sign!  In this article, I’ll talk more about how the house of your sun also matters.  For those who don’t know anything about the houses, this is what they are:

The houses are the area of your life in which the astral body (sun, moon, planets, or asteroids) expresses itself.  Sun signs, although common, are really only about 1/22, approximately 4.55% while rounding up the decimal, of your natal chart, and that’s not even including asteroids like Chiron.  Although it’s convenient to say, “Oh yeah, I’m a Taurine,” the truth is so much more vast about us than just our sun sign or even our natal chart in its totality (but that’s for a different conversation).










Let’s give ourselves a clearer example of the houses.  Since the houses are, as I said, the area in which the astral body expresses itself, let’s use my sun sign and house as an example (it’s the closest example to me hi).  At the date, time, and location of my birth, the sun was in the sign of Scorpio in the seventh house, which is the house associated with Libra (each house is associated with a sign, too, and they all go in order from 1 to 12 from Aries to Pisces, respectively and in that order).  The seventh house, like Libra, is the house of relationships, balance, and fairness.  Scorpio is associated with transformation, desire, and that which is hidden.  Thus, my sun’s energy is Scorpionic and expresses through the house of relationships, etc.

Here’s the really wild part: you have a sign and house for every one of the planets, moon, and asteroids in your chart as well as your sun sign!  That’s a lot of information about you to be found in your natal chart!  The other thing I want to mention in this blog post is that your houses are determined by your time and location of birth, so those are required in order to find out your houses, as well as your rising sign, which determines the placement of your houses.

If you are interested in finding out more about your sun sign and houses and receiving a natal chart reading, just check out the description about me below this post or go to the home page of my website.  I work with all kinds of customized approaches to the chart and available for a free consultation, considering you are seriously interested in a session or reading.  Thanks for reading this, and please leave any comments or feedback you have for me!

New Moon Blessings – True Forgiveness

Today there is a new moon, which often signifies the releasing of the previous cycle and the planting of new seeds for the new cycle of the moon.  Usually moon cycles correlate to the emotional and feminine, to the subconscious and what lies under the surface.  This new moon I would like to talk about true forgiveness.

The misconception of the world’s belief is that forgiveness is something you offer when someone does something wrong.  In the world’s understanding, forgiveness is what you do when someone really sins against you, and you forgive in order to pardon someone for the mistake or error that they have made in the past.

However, the message I received this morning about forgiveness rang true like a bell in my heart and mind.  It said, “You’re only ever forgiving yourself.” This isn’t to say that we don’t appear to make a lot of mistakes in this world.  In fact, many people believe that when they do something wrong, that really seems to hurt the people around them, then they must feel guilty.  In this worldly belief, the wrong action comes first, and the guilt follows, which is supposedly meant to help the individual feel remorse and change their behavior in the future.

What A Course In Miracles teaches is that what true forgiveness offers is radically different from this.  When I received the message that I’m only ever forgiving myself, what that means is that by forgiving anyone for anything, which really means overlooking the seeming “error” and seeing their innocence instead, I’m really forgiving myself.  The truth is that the full consciousness of our mind doesn’t see any separation between what we think about other people and what we think about ourselves.

So if I hold the idea that someone is guilty, that they really did me or someone else wrong, that they really did sin, I am then also holding that idea about myself.  Then, I feel guilty for it and hold the other person in captivity, too.  Conversely, even when I start to take responsibility for this, if I blame myself first and say I really did sin for something I did wrong, then I crucify myself and everyone in my life.  I end up, maybe even subconsciously, feeling guilty and believing that others can be guilty, too.  The guilt has to go somewhere after all once its validity is believed.












True forgiveness is about forgiving yourself.  It’s not about other people.  It’s not about seeing yourself as guilty and then forgiving.  It’s about knowing that despite whatever we may buy into about how our status of either innocence or guilt in the world, God sees us all as His/Her one and only innocent child, with which He/She is well pleased.

This is not about bypassing.  This isn’t about not admitting to having done something that affected others in this world.  It’s only about being truly honest about our divine heritage and remembering that even as we experience the world and people in it.

True forgiveness about a recognition, not a change at all.  It’s about knowing that really the only grudges anyone ever holds against us are just reflections of how we have not yet truly forgiven ourselves.  The information presented doesn’t lie.  It just gives us what we need to see about ourselves.

Although this isn’t always easy (because of the ego’s insidious nature to promote the false validity of guilt), we do have help.  You can always call on the Holy Spirit to guide you in forgiveness.  This will always point you back to your remembrance of God and your innate innocence regardless of all that appears to happen in the world.  This will also help you feel better, happier, lighter, and freer even within the world as you continually wake up to your eternal innocence as well as the innocence of all you see, as we are all reflections of God’s almighty innocent and perfect love.

The Mother and Father Polarity of the Zodiac – Nurture and Nature

Cancer and Capricorn.

Cardinal water and cardinal earth.

“I feel” and “I utilize.”

“I nurture” and “I build.”

The home and the grand purpose.

The Moon, as the mother, and Saturn, as the father.

The emotive principle and the behavioral principle.

The mother and father polarities of the zodiac have many similarities and differences as all polarities in the zodiac do.  Improperly perceived, the two can be adversaries as opponents who are pitted against one another.  Properly perceived as a parental partnership, the two provide an excellent sense of support for themselves, their inner children, their home, their purpose, and their external children.

Cancer, as the fourth sign of the zodiac and the one ruled by the moon, represents a mother energy on our planet, both in the solar system as well as in the family constellation.  Thus, archetypically, we can see how the mother holds “the nurture” side of the coin for helping children feel loved, feel safe, and feel provided for in the emotional needs.

Capricorn, as the tenth sign of the zodiac and the one ruled by Saturn, represents a father energy on our planet, both in the solar system as well as in the family constellation.  Thus, archetypically, we can see how the father holds the “structural” side of the coin for helping children to succeed in the world, to provide for themselves financially, and to provide structure and support in ways that build children up and help them to mature as individuals in the world.

As always, both of these polarities are necessary for a stable life, whether you’re living a single lifestyle, are in a partnership without kids, are in a partnership with kids, etc.  Both polarities are vital for the growth process of a person because we all have a need for emotional nurturing as well as for behavioral structure in the world.  An imbalance in either of these principles leads to an imbalanced child, which eventually becomes an imbalanced adult unless they can find help and healing between these polarities in themselves.  Even if our parents were not able to provide stability for us in this regard, then it still becomes the responsibility of the individual to balance this.

Emotional processing requires a lot of work, and if the emotional foundation of love isn’t rooted in good soil, then the external structures are sure to fail.

How can we avoid this and grow in good soil with strong roots and a sturdy foundation?

Jesus talks a lot about seeds not growing to fruition unless they are placed within good soil, and he mentions many examples of ways in which plants can be destroyed.  The way that we avoid the pitfalls for this is by being all-inclusive.  We must surrender our will to God’s will, and be founded in the soil of Truth, not just in our human will.  That is how we can begin to allow the miraculous to unfold through us.

Within us, that can show up in a variety of ways.  It comes from the mother and father energies within us being on the same team and working together to provide stable conditions for our inner child.  Then, the way that we are able to manage this tends to reflect in a family environment automatically.

So I will close this blog post with a few questions for the readers:

  1. How is your emotional nurturance for yourself?  Do you support yourself emotionally, and how so?
  2. How is your behavioral discipline?  Are you doing your best to listen to your Divine Source on your purpose and truly applying those action steps to fulfill it?
  3. Do your behavioral habits honor the love that you feel emotionally, and do you take steps to honor that love through actions?  How so?
  4. Do you allow yourself the right to feel all of your emotions without acting out any destructive tendencies?
  5. As a follow-up to question 4, as your answer to it will directly affect your answer to this one: do you trust yourself?

Feel free to comment any thoughts or feelings on reading this post or your answers to those questions where this is posted on Facebook.  For those who are interested in finding more out about what I offer, check out the description below.  Thank you for reading. heart

The Way that Astrology is Like Music

This blog post is a description of some of the similarities that astrology and music share with one another.  It again emphasizes on the interconnectedness of everything in the universe and shows us some of the theoretical knowledge for how each one works.  The more that we understand the theory, the more that it gives us to work with and apply.  Overall, astrology and music are more related than one may think at a first glance.

From an ultimate viewpoint, astrology and music are very simply put, expressions of the all.  They both involve experiencing life by fragmenting expressions in order to create a variety of flavors.  Each expression, or “tone” or “sign,” then bears a quality of infinity with the individuated identity.  We can see this with Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples and with the Bible verse John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” In other words, sound is probably a good reference point for how we view God.

Some of the similarities between astrology and music also are as follows:

  • 12 tones/signs
  • Relationships, between chords and notes, people and environment, individual and collective
  • Different Arrangements of Tension and Harmony
  • Both relate to embodied correlatives and sensations (each sign correlates with a body part and energetic correlative while music stimulates the senses and stirs emotions)
  • Both are universal languages, giving us a broader view of life and our place in it
  • Both have been around for thousands of years
    • “So in the beginning and for more than 2,000 years, astrology and astronomy were the same science. Babylonian astrology was introduced to the Greeks early in the 4th century B.C. and, through the studies of Plato, Aristotle, and others, astrology came to be highly regarded as a science” (
  • Both have profound resonance within the lives of those who understand them – astrologers and musicians both have their own unique languages that can apply to many things in life
  • Both are energy-based and non-static.  Both are always changing, growing, and expanding on themselves through the passage of time.

I know that experience of studying both astrology and music has only increased my appreciation for two sciences and art forms.  The beauty of both of them is that they are ever-changing and that they both grow through us and our personalities the more that we allow ourselves to experience them.  The more that I’ve come to terms with understanding both astrology and music, the more that I’ve seen their direct application and beauty resonate throughout my life.

The way that I see astrology do this is by providing a sense of resonance for those which I’ve understood in the context of their natal charts and the current transits in play.  Each person bears their own unique soul signature that gives me appreciation for life and all the new and exciting flavors of people in this world.  It also gives me compassion and empathy for where those traits exist in me.

The way that I see music give resonance to my life is by providing a more direct experience of the divine, which I can have just by playing a song and relating to it internally.  Each artist, note, chord progression, etc. gives me a new way of relating to life in a rawer, more energetic kind of way.  This gives me a sense of relief from purely mind-based structures and provides a sense of union between the masculine mind and feminine emotion in the sacred heart.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and feel free to share it and reach out if you are interested in finding out more about your chart, the current astrological transits, or the guitar lessons that I offer. heart


Lunar and Solar Eclipse This Month of August, 2017!

There are two eclipses this month, which should be invoking some pretty powerful energetics for this month of August.

The lunar one is on Aug 7th in Aquarius, and the solar one is on Aug 21st in Leo.

This month is quite a heart-expanding month as it mainly takes place during the season of the sun being in Leo.

With the sun in Leo and north node in Leo, we tap into the fixed fire nature that is our beating hearts fire-powered by our golden and purring solar plexuses.

The unique part about the eclipses taking place this month is that they will both be highlighting the current positionings of the North and South Node placements.

Translation? A lot of big life purpose energy for us collectively, cosmically, and personally will be flooded into our field of awareness as long as we are open and willing to receive it.

The lunar eclipse will occur in the cosmic humanitarian Aquarius on August 7th.

This is during a full moon, so it is very probable that collective shadow issues will be brought to forefront in favor of using them for a cosmic purpose.

Resolution is on the horizon with a placement like this, as long as we are willing to cooperate with our independent Spirits and find a way to unify our mindset and vibration with the highest good for everyone.

The next eclipse will be a solar one and take place in Leo, the lion heart and the sun. This tends to really bring us into our hearts with our purpose more, having a real life grounding effect in regards to our intimate personalities.

The solar eclipse may very probably bring up soul issues and areas of our hearts that have yet to be reclaimed by us in love and integrated into our wholeness, strength and innocence.

Because of the South Node and North Node placement of the nodal axis, the larger-than-the-cosmos nature of Spirit will be emerging more and more through our hearts in order to share that light through us into the world.

This is a wonderful opportunity to simply let your greatest Source flow through you in being your brightest Self that you came here to be!

The Grand Finale of Saturn in Sagittarius!

Underneath the energy of the perfectionist is the wild creativeness of the child’s spirit that really wants to play.

Ever since Saturn has been making his transit through Sagittarius, starting on December 23rd, 2014 from the fixed water sign Scorpio, we have been looking at how we can illuminate our collective unconscious in regards to the child spirit, i.e. our joy, light, collective optimism, love, and our true authentic nature shining through all the issues we have yet to confront in our psyche.

This means looking at all the ways that the excessive traits of Sagittarius have been running the show (over-assertiveness, under-assertiveness, freedom-seeking via escapism, aggressiveness, and most importantly, the way in the inner child within us still runs the show).  Saturn shows us where we are being overrun by perfectionism energy as well, i.e. the way that the adult within us still runs the show.

It’s really important that, during this time, we question ourselves and how aligned we are with our hearts, our Source, our true authenticity in every moment, as the common ground between the child and the adult, meeting in the heart.

Half-assing or even 99%-assing our expression hasn’t worked at all for this transit because Sagittarius wants us to wake up to who we are and “get real!”

That means letting all those old structures and paradigms that aren’t in alignment with our true expression crumble.

The reason it’s painful is because we often resist this process.

If we have distanced ourselves from Truth for so long, then coming back to Truth often involves a process of looking at all of our defenses to it.

This process has nothing to do with a set way of thinking, a book, or anything outside of us.

It has everything to do with living the only authentic expression of ourselves.

This could be called a growth process, but to be more accurate, it is a remembering process.

We are simply returning to our natural state of being.

Remember that this is still a slow and tedious process, as all things are with Saturn, lasting 2.5 years in each sign, and that Saturn goes direct on August 25, 2017, still in Sagittarius.

Saturn goes into Capricorn on December 19, 2017, the end of this year in about 4 1/2 months, so it is at the end of this year that we will experience a whole new remembering experience in the great curriculum of life.

Stay tuned to hear more about Saturn’s transits, and enjoy the gradual life lessons and experience from Saturn!

The True North on the Heart of the Lion

 On May 10th, 2017, the North Node and South Node of the moon shifted into a new axis in our zodiacal wheel, and this position will remain until November 6th, 2018.  So for about a year and a half, we will have a whole new energy driving our collective to greater purpose in the realms of these two signs.  Let’s take a look at how we may be feeling affected by this transit and how it’s different from the last transit.

For the previous year and a half, we have collectively been experience the effects of the North Node of the moon in Virgo with the South Node in Pisces.  To briefly explain what the nodes do, I will say that the South Node is our Karmic past, the familiar and sometimes overly comfortable territory, which in many cases can be both our greatest, most reliable gift as well as our greatest detriment (because it works in excess in us).  Thus, the Pisces/Virgo placement of the nodes was inspiring us to become more in-tune with energy sensitivity (Pisces) in order to help us to become more practical and organized about our lives (Virgo).

This new placement is different in that the South Node is now in Aquarius, the natural humanitarian of the zodiac.  Think of Aquarius like the collective mind, aware of everyone’s thoughts and feelings simply by being the all-permeating observer awareness within all sentient beings.  Leo, meanwhile, is the heart.  Leo is both the collective heart and the personal individual heart and sense of confidence, courage, and well-being.  When the North Node is in Leo, we start to feel an expansive energy in the area of Leo’s domain, i.e. health, wealth, well-being, and our general sense of heart, centeredness, courage, protection, family, etc.  Aquarius is coming more from the mind-based observer perspective, while Leo is more of the heart and general sense of well-being as a person.

Since it is the South Node that is in Aquarius, we are working with looking at ways in which our minds may be running the show in excess, overly compensating for our glorious hearts.  This excess would cloud the vision of the heart in its detriment.  On the other hand, when the heart and mind are in balance, the heart can lead while the mind simply follows it.

The main goal of this new nodal energy is to let the mind be placed in observer mode, being fully aware of all information in thoughts, energies, actions, etc. while STILL letting the HEART LEAD.  You may notice a new type of integration in this area, where your heart is leading and still honoring the mind as a faithful servant.  Ideally, this would be the case, but it take some practice to get the feel for it if we’ve been out of our center up unto this point.  The idea is to keep yourself always moving from your center, from your heart and love and to never betray your heart over to the mind, which again, can be faithful as long as the heart is leading but can otherwise be quite tyrannous and abusive without love.

Find your center within and overcome things that require greater presence from you.  The world wants your full heart engaged with it, pouring love out into whatever it is that you are doing.  This is how we heal the world in which we live and interact.

And as always remember as A Course In Miracles says, ” Only what you have not given can be lacking in any situation.”

So just remember to keep your heart in the lead and let that lion heart prevail in all that you are and do, and you’ll be seeing fireworks go off in your world that defeat all the odds for what you thought was possible.

Remember to take lots of cat naps, too.  The big-hearted lions love their play as much as they love their sleep, and for this nodal transit, we’ll all get more of a sense of being the Grand Lions that we are.


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