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Stephen Hubbell is a Star Coach who specializes in using astrology, energy medicine, and embodiment practices to assist others. He is also a Polarity Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Musician, which give him various types of modalities to incorporate in his sessions. He specializes in using astrological information and energy work to re-establish awareness within all the different layers of the Soul and human being. The way he does this is by looking at the Being and any potential blockages or ailments from many different viewpoints, i.e. energetically, astrologically, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is his passion to work with people in a way that helps free us of these blockages and increase expansion of our awareness.

Astrology Sessions Package Deal

bigstock-zodiac-with-astrological-symbo-23656385Astrology Sessions Package Deal – $1,000.00 for Three Months of One One Hr Reading Per Week

Only 5 slots open for this offer per month.





Description: One person all-encompassing, in-depth reading that includes relationship synastry, family readings, and illumination and understanding of life path.  The package includes twelve sessions (once per week) over three months.

Twelve Session Setup

  1. Personal Chart Reading – Go Through Twelve Signs and Houses
  2. The Elemental Predisposition of Your Chart (Fire, Air, Earth, and Water) – [Point System for Each Planet]
  3. Three Main Aspects of Personal Chart – Sun, Moon, and Ascendant Sign
  4. Relationship Synastry Reading – Go Through Closest Relational Influence or Close Relational Influence of Your Choice in Regards to Your Personal Chart
  5. Family Reading – Go Over Familial Relationships with Charts
  6. Home Life – 4th House/Cancer placements
  7. Life Purpose – North Node placement
  8. Career and Business Outlook/Life Work – Saturn placement and 10th House/Capricorn placements
  9. Your Horoscope Hometown/What is Familiar to You and the Gifts That You Bring Into This Life – South Node
  10. Joy, Wealth, Higher Learning, Luck – Jupiter
  11. Wounded Healer And Efforts to Heal That Wound – Chiron
  12. Question/Answer Session on Anything You Want to Know In Relation to Your Chart or Loved Ones’ Charts


-Clarity of Life Path and Relationships

-Direction of Fueled Expansion

-Process Through Energies Holding You Back

-Deepen Understanding of All Areas of Your Life

Mars is About to Leave Scorpio

Mars is about to exit Scorpio on August 2nd (the beginning of next month). If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a lot of residual personal and collective cleanup going on in the sign of Scorpio, which represents our survival, fears, privacy, and deeply held desires and instincts. Mars has been activating our fight or flight response by being in Scorpio for a while now in this past year.

What’s even more significant about this changeover is that Saturn was in Scorpio until September of last year. And Mars has been hitting on all our past wounds in our deep, emotional territory, which is what Scorpio represents.

What you can take from this is that things should definitely be lightening up as Mars moves into Sagittarius on August 2nd, but if you have been processing strong emotions from your primal roots, keep letting them flow through you, breathing through the heart space for all the past resentments, hurts, pains, and fears to process forward.

Make the most of this last week of Mars in Scorpio, and we should be moving into some more light-spirited and light-hearted play with Mars in Sagittarius.

Great job to everyone who is sticking with their processes, especially emotionally, as the collective ramping up the energy.

Much love to all of you, and let me or someone you trust know if you need extra help or support moving through these strong collective energies.


Cronus, The Material Universe

Much of my work has been with Saturn lately probably because 1) I’m only about two years away from the onset of my first Saturn Return and 2) because Saturn is the embodiment of work. Thus, Master Saturn Work = Master Managing the Material Universe.
Even if you a higher truth-seeker, having had amazing experiences in knowledge, you’ll stll have to integrate it. That takes time to embody it and to feel it through all the way.
In comes the myth of Cronus.
Cronus was the greek god responsible for his children’s imprisonment. If there was a parent who said “no,” to their kids and fate itself, it was Cronus. Children represent the energies that work within us and the drivers of determinism, or fate. Cronus tried to control fate, that which predicted him being overthrown by one of his children, and in so doing, was eventually defeated by his son Zeus, freeing the gods that are his brothers to have their full freedom of expression, within the confinements that were agreed upon once he had freed them.
Hades got the underworld.
Poseidon got middle earth.
Zeus got the sky.
How does this relate to us?
It’s the human psyche. Hades: Subconscious, Poseidon: Conscious, Zeus: Superconscious.
Cronus swallowed his kids, just as we are swallowed by time in this incarnation. Zeus is the higher consciousness that pierces through the belly of physical limitation. Hades is the lower consciousness that keeps the belly’s contents churning with acids and transformation. Poseidon is the fluid middle ground that’s relating to the sensory input within the belly.
Onto the main part, when we understand time, or Cronus, dynamically and collectively, he’s really a birthing area. And for being the Father of Time and partially representing a feminine earth element sign, Capricorn?
It just didn’t add up for me until I saw that the earth is that collective womb for our maturity process, and in so being, it is where the father and mother consciousness must meet.
Right here in the earth.
In time.
When we learn to embody time, what we’re really growing into is ourselves, which means holding the strength it takes in the world to carry our happiness in it regardless of circumstance.
Suddenly, it clicked for me that this is why we go through extreme discomfort.
This is why our foundations for success are rooted in our failures.
This is why growth tends to be really painful.
It’s because through time, we are birthing our Godhood and Goddesshood into this Universe. <3
a.k.a. Physical Reality is the Master’s Class.

Group Retreats

Elemental Nature Retreats

Vista de Copa

These retreats would focus on reconnecting with nature and being in a sacred place where we can all un-wind, share in Source/God connection, learn about connecting Source and seeing Source in the elements of nature.  Learning how they all work within ourselves again by receiving nature.

Let me know if you are interested.  I’ll start scheduling these soon.

Date & Price: TBA…

Online Classes

Online Classes

15541509_10211305689468575_777063297837529107_nPrice: $300 per person for the month of four class sessions.

Online classes will take place on an application called Zoom and a Secret Facebook group where you’ll receive the Zoom login information.  There will be a variety of class topics available depending on the month.
For example, Relationship Astrology 101 is the class I will be offering that will consist of FOUR Zoom sessions that will be recorded and available in the secret Facebook group to those who have signed up for it.

Benefits of working with Stephen in classroom setting:

Benefits of working with Stephen:
1) Provides a vast and comprehensive insight on your personal life and relationships
2) Expands your awareness of yourself and your power as a co-creator
3) Improves your understanding of yourself and partner in your communication skills
4) Greater understanding of your raw, creative energy at the elemental level

5) The interactive classroom environment online, which you can check at your convenience (as all videos will be recorded and posted in the group), provides a space for growth and a new context for life

sunAll sessions are recorded on Zoom and sent to clients to review as is convenient for them.

heart10-30 spaces are available in each class for those who want to join.

Astrology Webinar Workshops/Lessons


Webinar Sessions Starting This Saturn-day at 1:00 p.m. through Google Hangouts.
Every Saturn-day. heartThe sessions will be held through google hangouts and preparations (sign in) will be made through a group chat via Facebook messenger.  Make sure that you have a Google account set up for hangouts before we start!

ACIM Workshops


Sun Dragon Activation Picture Collage Sample (comes with session)

This is a draft picture collage of what I’ll offer along with the session, reading, and write-up offered in a Sun Dragon Activation session that I made for my close friend and partner Lorien Lehmer.

It’s always personal to you, as the individual, and the visuals are super helpful for people who don’t know anything about what I do.

South Node: Familiarity/Past Patterns
Sun: Life force/Vitality/Ego
North Node: Future Progression/Higher Calling and Purpose

Ask me more if you’re interested, and is where to find more information. <3