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  • What is Star Coaching?

    Star Coaching is a life coaching modality that synthesizes astrological understanding with how I can best serve you as a person.  Star Coaching doesn’t only specialize in one thing – that’s the beauty of it.  Star Coaching is an umbrella modality that specializes in astrological understanding, including your natal chart, current planetary transits, energy work, self-awareness, your unique soul blueprint, life purpose, and relationships (with people, the world, and the universe).   This isn’t a typical astrology modality because it doesn’t just look at your natal chart as an isolated thing like most astrologers do.  It looks at the entirety of You as a person and what is going on in your life along with how I can best help you to see your life path and purpose, which is unique to everyone’s soul blueprint, using your natal chart as a “hard evidence” guide and my intuition and read of your energy as a “soft evidence” guide.  Ultimately, all of this is extremely customized and personalized to serve you in achieving your highest potential as a soul incarnated on this planet and is the anti-thesis of a cookie-cutter modality that would give off a “one size fits all approach.” Star Coaching focuses primarily on Self-Actualization of your unique identity as an individual here, fully embodied and present in the universe.


  • Who would benefit from it?

    Anyone who is eager to benefit from learning, growing, and putting their sense of self-discovery on turbo drive would benefit from Star Coaching.  If you’re tired of messing around with astrology from people who don’t help you to tie it into your personal life, from horoscopes that give you vague and misleading generalities about your sun sign, from astrologers who can’t really meet you in the personal level that you’re needing because they’re so focused on the theoretical approach to astrology instead of relating from their heart and soul, then Star Coaching is an amazing gift.  Conversely, for those who aren’t ready to experience accelerated shifts in a positive momentum, Star Coaching is not for you.  Star Coaching is about what you put into it as a client as well as what I put into it as the coach, and I vow to those who are fully ready and willing to grow and hear a resounding “YES!” to this to be the most invested coach that I possibly can be in your personal evolution, growth, and overall fulfillment.  Your personal goals are also mine for you when you choose me a coach.


  • Who is an ideal client for it?

    An ideal client for Star Coaching is anyone who really wants to understand themselves better astrologically, energetically, spiritually, physically, etc.  This is a self-awareness coaching modality and targets every angle of self-awareness possible and that we can stomach exploring.  We may go into unwinding stories and emotions about your childhood, the relationship you’re currently, or relationships that you’ve been in in the past.  We may simply working on clarifying your career goals and how you can focus on your self-understanding to take full responsibility for your life and freedom.  We may use it to prepare you for that soul-mate relationship you’ve been hoping to attract.  It all depends on what You are ready to create and achieve in yourself and what would be in your highest interest from a Soul level.  An ideal client is ready to take full responsibility for their life and start to clear out anything no longer serving him or her to have the life he or she truly desires.


  • What does Star Coaching cover?

    When you sign up for Star Coaching, you receive a copy of your natal chart included.  You may also receive free distance energy healing sessions included if that is something you are needing.  Star Coaching will inevitably lead into discussing your personal story as well as your relationship with your natal chart and the current planetary positions.  This is done in order to clarify your relationship with the solar system and universe at large.  So often people feel alone in life because they feel disconnected from those around them, disconnected from the solar system, disconnected from the universe, from God, and from themselves.  Star Coaching seeks to re-establish connections in all of these ways.  In this way, Star Coaching establishes you back in your rightful place of connection with your Soul that you can truly express yourself with authenticity from who you really are.  Thus, you uncover, discover, know, reveal, and enjoy yourself at a whole new level.


  • What are the benefits to Star Coaching?

    Overall, the benefits are different for everyone because everyone has unique needs and desires to be fulfilled.  We are all different and highly unique expressions of the same Source.  However, some common underlying benefits are these:

    • You feel clearer about your life purpose
    • You feel lighter
    • You understand yourself at a whole new level
    • Your relationships make more sense, and you can understand the people around you and your loved ones much better
    • Your blockages disappear under the light of awareness
    • You gain discovery of emotions and stories that were tightly held within your subconscious
    • Your physical body relaxes, helping you to feel more liberated and empowered, as your emotions are processed

Amazon link to the ebook Applying Astrology by Stephen Hubbell

About Stephen:

Stephen Hubbell specializes in using astrology, energy medicine, and embodiment practices to help you be happy and live with purpose.
He is also a Polarity Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Musician, which give him various types of modalities to incorporate in his sessions. He specializes in using astrological information and energy work to re-establish awareness within all the different layers of the Soul and human being.  It is his passion to work with people in a way that helps us to cultivate a much larger awareness of our infinite capacity as love.

About Lorien:

Lorien Lehmer is an intuitive, empath, energy healer, artist, dancer, and astrologer.  Lorien is here to give you the tools to remove blocks to your liberation and guide you into live life standing in your own self-worth.  her work shows you the way to access your own innate wisdom and create a life built from the truth of who you are.  You will learn to grow through change with grace and process emotional pain with greater ease.  Lorien is here to support you in moving into your own unique full expression and teach you how to heal yourself.  For more information, Lorien’s website is


Reconnecting your relationships with the stars